Address-calendars of cities as a source for search

What are telephone directories? It would seem that we all know about them. And if we start rewinding time ago, questions will arise, what happened to these directories twenty, thirty, fifty, one hundred years ago, and did they even exist?

Unfortunately, we cannot use this wonderful source now to search for people. And in general, in fact, they “died” several decades ago. Now all the information is available on the Internet, and addresses and phone numbers are changing at such a speed that even on the pages in social networks everything is far from relevant.

A hundred years ago, the big cities were also very mobile, and the compilers and publishers sweated every year taking information about new addresses, new phones, new posts and so on.

What was included in these directories

These directories included a lot of information not only about people, but also about companies, government organizations, and indeed a lot of useful information for citizens and visitors of the city. In fact, it was the Internet of that time.

If you got such an address calendar in your hands, don’t be too lazy to work with it, the directory is designed so that it is convenient and quick to navigate through sections, in the electronic version this convenience is lost.

A lot of calendars, if not all, have been digitized and freely available on the network at the end of the 19th and beginning of the 20th centuries.

Good luck in finding.