All-Union Soviet censuses of 1917 and 1926

At the beginning of the genealogical search, it is very important to correctly determine the locality in which your ancestors lived at the beginning of the 20th century. At the junction of oral information from the family and the realities of the time, there are many incidents. It is possible to confirm the correctness of guesses about which village or village the ancestors lived in in various ways, including using materials from the All-Union Soviet censuses of 1917 and 1926.

These censuses were carried out both in villages and in cities, but let us dwell on those that include a village census.

1917 Censuses

For each household, a courtyard card was compiled; it included the name of the county, rural municipality, settlement, partnership, last name, first name, middle name of the homeowner, number and age of all households. Such cards were filled out for all households in a particular village. This is the basic information that may come in handy in your genealogy search.

1926 Censuses

In 1926, the second all-Union Soviet population census was carried out, covering the entire population of the country, but not simultaneously. For example, on Sakhalin it was held in 1931. The materials of this census indicate very little information about a particular person. The census takers of 1926 included in the list of householders the family name, first name, patronymic of the landlord of the household, the number of his household members by gender. Neither household names nor their age were indicated.

After looking at this census, you can find out if your ancestors lived in this village. The same can be found from business books or other sources.

Where can I see the materials of these censuses

The initial information of the censuses, the same cards and lists, was subject to destruction, but in some regional archives files that contain the same cards or lists were preserved.

In this search, it is better to go in reverse order, not from the census to the archive, but from understanding to which archive the proposed settlement belongs and from this move to the list of archive funds.

Good luck in finding.