“Blue blood”

When ordering a genealogical study, people actually buy the opportunity to find out the true information about their ancestors, their fate. Yes, self-affirmation is present. It happens through the realization that you are doing a great thing – you keep the memory of the ancestors for the next generations, for your children and grandchildren. In this way, you yourself enter into history.

If a person is primarily interested in the “blue blood”, which may be in his family tree, or if a person comes with a beautiful legend about famous ancestors, the result of the study may not please. Purely statistically, the chance for “blue blood” in the pedigree is not great, at least for our territory. And this is confirmed by practice. Such family legends often have to “debunk”.

The truth is that for the most part all in the family are ordinary people – workers, peasants; they may not have gone down in history in textbooks, but they are key people in our destiny.

Therefore, the topic of self-affirmation at the expense of ancestors in the study of the genealogy takes on exclusively positive significance. She is not fake, but the most real that can be in our life. Examining the pedigree, the power appears automatically, you do not need to wait for recognition from anyone, only the very realization that you cherish the memory of the ancestors gives this feeling.

Good luck in finding.