Descending lineage

Sometimes engaging in genealogy, especially for those who have just joined the ranks of amateur genealogies, we come across various terms and rules, and genealogy without them is nowhere, how can we figure this out and structure the available information.

Today we’ll talk about genealogies, and in particular about descending genealogy. What is it for? We need it to establish and study a kind. Most often they use ascending genealogy, it is the main one. however, in this search we leave outside the scope of the study numerous relatives not belonging to the number of direct ancestors.

The descending genealogy makes it possible to study and learn the kinship not only within the investigated genus, but also beyond its borders. That is, to restore the genealogy from a common ancestor to descendants.

Consider the descending genealogy on the example of a conditional family:

Anatoly – the ancestor;

Andrey Anatolyevich – the oldest child of Anatoly (first son);

Leonid Anatolyevich – second child of Anatoly (second son);

Maria Anatolyevna – the third child of Anatoly, married to Maxim (eldest daughter);

Sofia Anatolyevna – the fourth child of Anatoly, married to Nikolai (second daughter);

Ivan Andreevich – the oldest child of Andrei Anatolyevich (first son);

Alexander Andreevich – the second child of Andrei Anatolyevich (second son);

Polina Andreevna – the third child of Andrei Anatolyevich (eldest daughter);

Natalia Andreevna – the fourth child of Andrei Anatolyevich (second daughter);

Yuri Leonidovich – the eldest child of Leonid Anatolyevich (eldest son);

Raisa Leonidovna – the second child of Leonid Anatolyevich (eldest daughter);

Konstantin Maksimovich – the oldest child of Maria Anatolyevna (eldest son);

Vladimir Maksimovich – the second child of Maria Anatolyevna (second son);

Elena Nikolaevna – the oldest child of Sofia Anatolyevna (eldest daughter);

Irina Nikolaevna – the second child of Sofia Anatolyevna (youngest daughter).

The ancestor Anatoly has two sons, Andrei and Leonid, as well as two daughters, Maria and Sofia. Andrei Anatolyevich has two sons, Ivan and Alexander, as well as two daughters, Polina and Natalya. Leonid Anatolyevich has a son, Yuri and a daughter, Raisa. Maria Anatolyevna is married to Maxim and has sons Konstantin and Vladimir. Sofia Anatolyevna, married to Nikolai, has two daughters, Elena and Irina.

The most convenient way to submit information about descending genealogy is the stem (from the Latin. “stemma” – genealogical table, family tree). Moreover, the ancestor is taken as the first knee, the generation of his children is the second generation, the third generation is the generation of grandchildren, and so on. All representatives of the same generation should be placed on one horizontal line. Placing representatives of the same tribe in different lines is a gross mistake.

Generations, tribes of the genus, are indicated by Roman numerals, which are placed on the left or on the right of the system. In the event that the stem is too cumbersome, it is permissible to place its parts in special, remote stem, correlated with the main thread.

When studying descending genealogy, it is required to follow the numbering rules of persons included in the topic. The most convenient form of systematizing information on descending genealogy is generational painting.

Descending lineage

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