Difficulties in genealogy search

Have you decided to start compiling your family tree? They conducted an initial collection of information by questioning relatives. Then let us turn your attention to some tips that can help you circumvent certain difficulties in your search.

What could stop you from conducting your searches

  • “The effect of a spoiled phone” – when already during the initial collection of information or a survey of relatives incorrect or not entirely accurate data are provided (errors in names, dates and geographical locations, some facts from the life of their ancestors).
  • Incorrectness in compiling queries to archives and other institutions that have the information necessary for searching – this is most often committed either by newcomers who start the genealogical search for the first time, or people who are far from genealogy, but who want to independently explore the history of their family, their genealogy. As a result, time, effort and money are lost, because almost all requests, with very few exceptions, are paid in nature.
  • Archival workers – sooner or later, researching your family tree will take you to the archive. And when sending a request there, and when working directly in the reading room of the archive, you may encounter (especially if you are a beginner or a layman) an insurmountable obstacle in the person of archival employees – this is where the human factor manifests itself in all its “beauty” and diversity.
  • Due to the researcher’s low competence, the request is sent to the wrong archive at all.
  • Lack of materials needed to conduct a search due to the fact that they were not preserved or were destroyed. Add here not so rare, unfortunately, fires and breakthroughs of central heating batteries in the archives.
  • Poor state of documents (dilapidated cases, poorly read, affected by a fungus).
  • Serious “gaps” in historical sources that do not allow us to restore and determine the family ties of found people in an earlier period of time.
  • Lack of documents confirming your relationship with the wanted persons.
  • Not knowing the sources where information about ancestors can be stored can slow down the search and discourage further engagement. Most often look in revision tales, metric books, confessional sheets.
  • Lack of experience in reading archival documents.
  • Ignorance of the structure of the archive where to start the search.

All these factors can be easily overcome by gaining experience and patience.

Good luck in finding.