Electronic genealogical dictionary-directory “Genealogies of Europe”

“Genealogies of Europe” is not just a genealogical program, it is an electronic, genealogical dictionary-reference book with unique and enormous opportunities. A directory containing detailed information on many historical figures, which will be interesting and useful in every home. The genealogy of Europe is a single, maximally complete and detailed genealogical database of representatives of the most famous monarchical and noble families of Russia and Europe, both in chronological and national range with notes and illustrations.

The genealogical dictionary includes all previously known genealogical relations of the princes of Rurikovich, all genera and surnames originating from this dynasty. There are more than 220 of them (Baryatinsky, Volkonsky, Vorotynsky, Vyazemsky, Gagarins, Gorchakovs, Dashkovs, Dolgorukovs, Kropotkins, Musorgsky, Obolensky, Odoevsky, Pozharsky, Prozorovsky, Rzhevsky, Troekurovs, Fominsky, Shakhovsky, Shuysky, Sherbatovs, and many others, now living, and long suppressed). And also associated with it through dynastic marriages of other dynasties, clans and surnames, both in our Fatherland and beyond.

For example, we present only a very small list of clans with which the dynasty was associated abroad. Gediminovich (Jagiellons, Golitsyns, Kurakins, Khovansky, Patrikeevs, Bulgakovs, Trubetskoys, Mstislavskys and others), Vase, Piasts, Capetings (Valois, Bourbons), Staufenes, Habsburgs, Arpads, Pzhemyslovichi, Bagni, Komni In addition, a huge number of noble, boyar, princely, count surnames in our country (the Vorontsovs, Pushkins, Kolychevs, Kobylins, Romanovs, Yakovlevs, Saburovs, Konovnitsyns, Sheremetevs, Lodygins, Obraztsovs, Veljaminovs, Morozlovs, Starozovs, Starozovs, Morozovs, is connected with the Rurikovich clan Novosiltsevs, Kutuzovs, Khovrins, Naryshkins and many others). Almost all noble families of Europe and America have their roots in the founder of the dynasty, Rurik.

Features and benefits

  • A search engine with a variety of search criteria. You will find the person you need in seconds.
  • Information about personalities is located on separate cards, which include:
  • Family ties – parents, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, cousins, wives, lovers, children and a quick transition to any of them; origin, nickname, year and date of life, place of birth and death, residence and services, ranks and positions, causes of death, events.
  • Biographies and notes – encyclopedic articles from authoritative publications; the ability to build and print trees of ancestors and descendants on the male and separately on the male and female lines from an individual to dozens of tribes and a quick transition to any of them; construction and printing of pedigree murals.
  • Print search results, boards, profiles of people, portraits, trees, murals, notes.
  • Illustrations and photos – portraits and coats of arms.
  • Search for a common ancestor, the path to it and print the search.
  • The ability to simultaneously open many personal profiles with the construction of many trees of different depths in them.
  • Blocks of the Dynasty, Causes of death and the Board allow you to view and print the lists of all persons included in the Dictionary related to a particular dynasty, the board of the territories who died for various reasons, as well as go to the profile of any selected person.
  • The program conducts all kinds of searches, parallels, analyzes, comparisons. The Dictionary contains information about a huge number of persons, representatives of possessive and non-possessive houses and noble families of Europe and our Fatherland, and the notes contain encyclopedic articles from authoritative publications.

Source: genotree.ru

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