Family coat of arms

Perhaps you have not thought about creating your own coat of arms, but after this article you will definitely want to create it. The whole family, together with children, plunge into an interesting and creative study of the genus and its special characteristics. After all, to date, the coats of arms are gaining popularity, they are used in the form of strains, they frame the gates of their courtyards, make custom pendants and rings.

In the middle of the century, the coats of arms were an identifier of families and individuals, and today it’s just a super cool family logo.

The coat of arms forms together with other things, like a family tree, ancestry, the concept of Genealogy and is a symbol of your family.

The coat of arms is a collection of heraldic symbols that reflect the main features and characteristics of your family.

Family coat of arms

Family coat of arms (coat of arms of the family)

It is made up by the whole family and reflects the essence of the family life of the clan, its place in society and its basic values.

Private emblem

Describes the identity of a particular person.

The whole science is engaged in the compilation and study of the coats of arms – heraldry, which contains knowledge about the rules of composing the coats of arms.

And so the first thing we need is to choose a form. Shield shape has frequent use.

Family coat of arms Family coat of armsFamily coat of arms Family coat of arms

Under the shield or through the shield there will be a ribbon where the name of the genus is indicated. In the very center of the emblem often write initials, but you can write anything.

What will include the family coat of arms. To do this, make a list in which you collect everything that your family can describe:

  • profession;
  • hobby;
  • the country in which you live;
  • your virtues and talents;
  • symbols of your family;
  • hobbies;

The color of the emblem – has its own meaning; in heraldry, color can reflect the phenomena of nature, the qualities and character of a person and his soul.

Images of people and animals, plants, natural phenomena, objects play an important role in the symbolism of coats of arms. They do not refer to heraldic symbols, which are divided into natural and artificial.

The motto of the family coat of arms is a short sentence, usually written on a tape at the bottom of the shield, sometimes the motto is placed in the coat of arms without a tape. The text of the motto can be encrypted and understood only by initiates. The motto of the family is an analogue of the last name. Family business card, he expresses the family credo, the life rules of the family.

Good luck in finding.