Family tree of Pushkin. The fate of the descendants of the poet

Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin forbade descendants to write poetry. He believed that he wrote so well that they should not do worse than he did. Perhaps that is why out of 237 relatives of Pushkin around the world there is not a single poet.

The Pushkin clan was notable for the fact that in its families there were more girls than boys. There were not so many direct descendants of Pushkin, that is, descendants along the male uninterrupted line, only 13.

Now in Russia there are no direct descendants of Pushkin at all. With the death of the great-grandson of the poet and his son, the direct male line of the poet’s relatives living in Moscow was interrupted.

The collateral family tree of Pushkin over the past 150 years has branched out and has currently 58 branches, that is, last names. According to Pushkin’s 200th birthday, 227 descendants of the poet living in Europe, America and Asia were registered in the world. At the end of the last century, for example, 82 of them lived in Russia, in France – 24, in England – 20, in the USA – 12, Belgium – 10, Switzerland – 6, Germany – 5, Italy – 3. Six lived in the Hawaiian Islands and three in Morocco.

Now the only direct descendant of Alexander Sergeyevich on the second male line of the fourth generation, bearing his last name – Alexander Alexandrovich Pushkin – lives in Brussels. It is curious that his wife, Maria Aleksandrovna Pushkina-Durnovo, is a descendant of Pushkin – also from his eldest son in the fifth generation, but on the first male line – Pushkin’s eldest son was married twice.

Alexander Alexandrovich constantly lives in Europe, but he is a citizen of Russia. In accordance with the Decree of the President, he received his passport at the end of 2005.

In 2003, the Pushkin couple created a foundation in Brussels named after their famous great-great-great-grandfather. Develops it in two directions – in the cultural and medical lines.

Maria Alexandrovna is the chairman of the International Fund A.S. Pushkin, secretary of the Union of Russian Nobles in Belgium, treasurer of the EU Women’s Association. Alexander Alexandrovich Pushkin – Chairman of the Union of Russian Nobles in Belgium, Deputy Chairman of the International Fund A.S. Pushkin, deputy chairman of the Union of descendants of commanders and hereditary knights of the Great Russian Priory of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem.
Alexander Alexandrovich, now a pensioner, turned out to be a great telephone communications specialist in the past. He worked for a Belgian telephone company, which was later bought by the Americans, and then became French. For 27 years he worked on the installation of equipment.

The descendants of Georg von Nassau, the son of Pushkin’s daughter Natalia, live in Germany. For example, Clotilde von Rintelen, granddaughter of George. She is a psychiatrist by profession, she has three sons: Alexander, Gregor and Nicholas.
Kenneth Pushkin currently lives in the United States. He founded the Pushkin Heritage Foundation in America. “I always knew that I belong to the Pushkin family since childhood. Honestly, in childhood and adolescence I did not attach much importance to this. We were Americans. And my name is Kenneth, not Innocent or Konstantin. And I never have a middle name it wasn’t. Moreover, my childhood fell on the era of the Cold War. My family, unfortunately, forgot my native language and broke all ties with the historical homeland and its culture.”

There are fierce debates over Kenneth’s affiliation with the Pushkin family. According to authoritative pedigree mural V.N. Rusakov, recognized by all descendants of the poet, no Kenneth A. Pushkin is listed in the genealogy. This was reported by the descendants of A.S. Pushkin, great-granddaughter of Yulia Grigoryevna Pushkina and great-grandson of Georgy A. Galin. Alexander Alexandrovich Pushkin also questions the American’s family ties.


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