Genealogical research. Order or not

To order or not to order research? This question will arise sooner or later when you get to the point where your efforts and opportunities will end or become limited. Geneology Simple presents precisely those aspects when you do not need to turn to genealogical search specialists.

So, if

  • You want to independently understand and form a search skill in a completely new direction for yourself. Perhaps you are retired or have a free schedule to adjust to the work schedule of the archives.
  • You are ready to fight the desire to sob above the manuscripts (at least at first, because the handwriting is most often illegible) and you do not have the habit of leaving the work you started.
  • You are no longer new to genealogy and the process of building a family tree is so exciting that you are not ready to share the joy of new discoveries with extraneous genealogies.
  • Are you ready for the fact that independent research of the pedigree can stretch for years or decades.
  • Information about the ancestors (parents, grandparents) is too small and you are not ready to “extract” it yourself to be enough to start searching the archives, conduct genealogical trips, etc.
  • You are not ready to spend money on genealogical research, because there are other interests. The relevance of studying the past history of the family is still low for you and you do not understand why you need it.

If all these reasons do not concern you then, please, genealogists will help you.

Good luck in finding.