Genealogical sources. How to squeeze the maximum

Some sources that you will have to face in genealogical searches are rather boring, because of the frequent collection of dates and names. But we really want to know about the deeds, dreams, life and thoughts of our ancestors. And at this stage it becomes pretty boring.

Let’s look at how you can turn work with such boring sources into an exciting and dynamic search.

Metric books are sometimes not fully preserved, sometimes it turns out that literally two or three metric books have been preserved. And almost no records of ancestors. But do not lose heart; there is a way with which you can diversify metric books.

Carefully write out the godparents, and also if you come across marriage records, carefully write out those who were witnesses at the wedding.

After you have done this, it may seem tedious, but only at first glance. The fact is that godparents and witnesses were chosen for a reason and they were not random people. As a rule, they were residents of one village where people were friends of families or were relatives.

There was also a rule, and still exists, that a couple cannot be godparents, since if they break up they cannot communicate and fulfill their functions as godparents. Also, the father of the child who was baptized could not marry the godmother, because they become relatives.

About marriage

It happened that a man was left alone, a widower or there was no free girl, then the bride was taken from a neighboring village. Or the landowner bought a girl from another landowner for marriage to his peasant. In the revision tale, it was indicated that the bride was brought from there from that estate on the exit. What is withdrawal? These are compensation money that was paid to one landowner by another for the withdrawal girl.

The article is based on a lecture by Vitaly Semenov, a genealogy historian.

Good luck in finding.