Genealogical tree

If you are thinking about your own origin, then it is time to make a family tree, it will help you not only to understand yourself, but also to correct your own destiny.

The family tree is a kind of scheme that includes family ties within the same family.

How to make it?

There are several methods for compiling a genealogical or genealogical tree:


Here the chain is built in the direction from the descendant to the ancestors. That is, the beginning of the tree is yourself, then your parents, grandmothers, grandfathers, etc., with a deepening into the past. Here is the focus on the next of kin you know.


In this construction, the chain goes from the most ancient ancestor to the descendant, that is, to you. For such a construction you need to have a little more information than for the ascending.

You also need to take into account the lines of inheritance.

Direct branch

Where you specify relatives only in a straight line father, mother, grandmother, grandfather of their parents.

Side branch

This branch includes your brothers, sisters, nephews, brothers and sisters of your grandparents.

Good luck in finding.