Genealogy as a hobby

“I like to study materials. This is my favorite. This is what I do and when I get tired of writing, I move to another room and I rest there, again at work. Working on a Russian portrait and working on Russians pedigrees. This is mine, as they say, a hobby. I do not like this word (hobby). There is a good replacement for Russian “hobby.” It gives a lot for the soul. A person cannot live only a profession. That is, he cannot live a profession that He has to do something else so that he doesn’t feed, but on the contrary requires more from the person Wow soul strain and even material costs! But it is necessary, otherwise the person will be lost.”

V.S. Pikul

Very often a person, past his main job, which brings him money and feeds, begins to get involved in something. Many in one occupation, and many people have several hobbies at once. Someone makes cheeses, makes wine, embroiders and knits, sings, writes poetry, makes unique pastries. What you can not get carried away in the era of accessibility. And we are fond of genealogy.

And so, is it possible to consider genealogy as a hobby. As a matter for the soul.

Today, interest in genealogy, genealogy, compilation of the genealogical tree has grown. Increasingly, people began to wonder who they were and from whom they came from, where their roots came from and what origin they had. For a frequent person, he begins to get involved in genealogy in the hope of finding noble roots, and whoever does not find noblemen in his family, are often embarrassed by their peasant origin.

Although there is nothing to be shy about, after all, 90% of the population of Russia were peasants, this can be found in the 1897 census. The peasants were distinguished by large and large families, which can not be said about the nobles, where the female part most often could not give birth to a child. The peasants were in good health.

To whom is such a hobby as genealogy suitable.

If you are persistent, patient, like riddles and quests, and also are a creative and adventurous person, if this is still about you, then you can safely engage in genealogy.

Start small, with the history of your family, or try to make a tree of some kind of little-studied interesting historical or outstanding personality. Be patient, because this process is meticulous. Also stock up on stationery and time. Each time you take some steps in your search, you will discover very interesting and new topics, about sources, methods for constructing trees, general information about genealogy. Communicating with other people about your hobby, you will find like-minded people, as well as learn many different opinions that will surely help you and prompt you to new thoughts and ideas.

My passion for genealogy started back in school, in the fifth grade, but I did not take it seriously. Like all secrets, family history seemed mysterious and unattainable. I could not have thought that this interest in the future would become so important to me.

While my passion for genealogy has not grown into commerce, but if your hobby brings you more money, then you are a happy person.

Good luck in finding.