Genealogy book. How to create it

The topic of creating a genealogy book is suitable for both a person who is interested in genealogy and someone who just wants to create a personal archive for their children and family.

Creating pedigree books has become a fashionable trend today. You can order the book from professionals who will search for you, or create it according to your data and photos, but you can make the book yourself. There are some rules in creating a pedigree book.

Let’s figure it out together and create our own unique book of the genus.

We divide the process of creating a book into two main stages:

  • The inside of the book.
  • Book cover.

The content of the book is its most important component.

Consider the points that may be in your family book

Preface of the genealogy book with water information

This water part takes 1-2 pages, which tells about why it is important to know the ancestors, why a pedigree is needed for a person and what it is like.

Genealogical terms and special scientific concepts

There are many different terms in genealogy: what is a family tree; who is godfather, matchmaker, brother-in-law. The terms that you will use in the book can be explained in this section.

Origin of surnames and geographical names

History of tribal villages, description of life and life of different generations

Place a section on the origin of the name and surname, explain the history of the settlements where your ancestors lived. There are general and particular principles.

General: when a person received a surname on behalf of his father by inheritance.

Private: when a person received a surname from the occupation, activity.

The point about geographical names is very interesting. Here you can find out what role your ancestor had in creating the village, city. Describe how the village appeared, what the people who lived in it did, how they survived the war, and so on.

Generated painting of your family members, including brothers, sisters and others

Here you paint each generation of the family along the lines. Choosing an ascending or descending ancestry.

Family tree with the layout of a family relationship on it

In the family tree you indicate family relationships, dates of life and place of birth.

List of genealogical sources of information, extracts from archives, photos

In this part you can attach extracts from archives, copies or originals of birth, marriage, death, photographs and more.

Imagine a list of questions that you can place in a generic book by filling out a sheet about one member of your genus.

  • Full name (for women we indicate a maiden name).
  • Number, month, year and place of birth, and for the dead, number, month, year of death and place of burial.
  • Full name father and mother and their parents.
  • For those born before 1917, indicate the estate (peasants, nobles, bourgeois, merchants).
  • Place of residence, in what years and where they moved.
  • Where they were brought up, what kind of education they received.
  • Place of work or service, titles, positions, published works, available inventions in chronological order.
  • Participated in wars, what battles, when, where.
  • What rewards are available.
  • Full name husband’s wife.
  • Full name other relatives and information about them.
  • Availability of real estate (estates, dachas, houses), what, where, in what years.
  • Additional personal information.

Good luck in finding.