Genealogy for “abandoned children”

The difficult question is whether a person abandoned or abandoned by parents in an orphanage or baby’s home can make up his family tree if he finds out the names of his biological parents.

Is it worth it to conduct a search for people who have been adopted by other families?

Indeed, in the legislation on adoption there are so many restrictions aimed at protecting the child. For example, as the secret of adoption.

Consider the question of how genealogy relates to the problem of abandoned children

In fact, the problem of abandoned children is the tip of the iceberg, and everything is much deeper. It occurs when a woman (mother) or man (father) is rejected from her own child and does not want to take care of her offspring.

The problem of abandoned children is the problem of the twentieth century.

Indeed, in the 20th century, a lot of families fell apart and the reason was external factors, such as repressions, wars, men left their families to earn money.

In the XIX century, the problem of abandoned children also existed, there were also baby houses, but this was more true for illegitimate children.
This was socially condemned and children were often thrown to priestly houses, to other villages, to the doors of wealthy people.

XX century brought orphans with living parents. Social norms have become a little blurred.

Close conversation

Making an analysis, both genealogical and psychological, we can say that in 90 percent of cases abandoned children who were raised by one of their parents or grew up in an orphanage abandon children.

The main task of such people is to close this chain on themselves.

If you conducted a genealogical study and it turned out that the place of abandonment is present more than once, this does not mean that the entire genealogical chain is sick, this applies only to specific cases, but you must close this black chain.

We come to the concept of drop-down links, these are exactly those links, those ancestors who abandoned their children. For example: a father abandoned his son, and at one time his father left his father. These are the drop-down links that can not be explored, they are rotten, and this chain will not bring anything good. Although you decide.

The problem of abandoned children, one of the parents left in the baby’s house, sent to the boarding school, is a genetic and social malfunction.

Of course this is not a reason to give up and curse the ancestors. Maybe their task was that you were born to go this way and restore the tree, cure it and close the chain.

Good luck in finding.