Genealogy Links No. 1

Archives of different countries


  • – State Committee on Archives of Ukraine.
  • – Archive information Of Ukraine can be obtained on the website of the Central Powerful Electronic Archive of Ukraine. The site is in Russian. The site has an active link “State assets”. Archive pages are made in Russian:
    – Archive of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea.
    – The State Archive of Donetsk Region.
    – The State Archive of Sevastopol.
  • – State Archive of Poltava Region.
  • – Archival sources in the Poltava province (data from the IOP forum).
  • Central State Historical Archive of Kiev /TsGIAK/
    f. 990 op. 2 d. 15 and 34. Confessional paintings of the Poltava Protopopia for 1754 and 1775
    f. 796, op. 56, d. 436, pp. 330 – 332 vol.
    1776, October 10. – A statement of those who departed from the Kiev diocese to Slaven and Kherson cities, towns, villages, churches, clergy and clergy, parish courts and the so-called “courtless huts.”
    The village of Yakovtsy 1 Cathedral of the Virgin.

We recommend looking for information about the archives of Ukraine on private sites of people who are engaged in genealogy.

  • – For example, the site “Archive Heritage of Ukraine” The genealogy of Sergei Fazulyanov.

It contains information about the following regional archives of Ukraine: Dnepropetrovsk, Donetsk, Volyn, Transcarpathian, Ivano-Frankivsk, Lviv, Rivne, Ternopol, Chernivtsi, Zhytomyr regions. The addresses, the total composition of the funds are indicated. In the Donetsk archives are laid out inventories of metric books and revision tales.

  • – We draw your attention to the site of Vladimir Fedorov On it Information about the archives of Ukraine has been posted, in particular, there is information about:
    – Departments of civil registry offices (registry offices).
    – The Central State Historical Archive of Ukraine.
    – State archives of Kiev, Zhytomyr and Khmelnitsky regions.
    – Archive of the highest authorities.
    – Archive of Kiev.


Information about the archives of Belarus is collected on the portal “Archives of Belarus”.
The documents necessary for compiling the family trees are concentrated in two archives of Belarus: in the National Historical Archive of Belarus in Minsk and in the National Historical Archive of Belarus in Grodno.

There are no genealogy documents in other archives.

The portal concentrates information on archival directories, as well as materials for compiling pedigrees, for example, metric books are described.


  • – National Archival Administration of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
    AZ 1106, AZ 1122, ave. Z. Bunyatova, 3, Baku, Azerbaijan;
    AZ 1106, AZ 1122, ave. Matbuat, 593rd sq., Baku, Azerbaijan.
    +994 (12) 562-97-56, +994 (12) 562-97-75, fax: +994 (12) 562-97-56, +994 (12) 562-94-31
    Head: Pashayev Atakhan Avaz oglu
    e-mail: [email protected], [email protected]

The addresses of the archives are posted on the sites:

It is indicated that the State Archive of the Azerbaijan Republic can be contacted in Russian.



Information is provided in Georgian and English.
Information on archive collections is provided only in Georgian.

  • – Forum on the archives of Georgia on the “All-Union website family tree”, including metric books.

For reference: the civil registry office of Georgia is called the Civil Registry Agency of the Ministry of Justice of Georgia.


  • – State Archive of the East Kazakhstan Region – website in Russian.

The archives of Kazakhstan store genealogical documents of both the pre-Soviet and Soviet periods. They can also find materials on repressed ancestors.


  • – Archival Agency under the State Registration Service under the Government Kyrgyz Republic.
    st. Toktogul, 105, Bishkek, 720040
    tel/fax: +996 (312) 66-33-68 e-mail: [email protected]

The site has active links to the central and regional archives of the Republic of Kyrgyzstan.


There is no specific information on the archives.

From the experience of the genealogy of V. Semenov:
“Unfortunately, in the Central State Archive of the Republic of Uzbekistan (TsGU RU), you just won’t work like that. To work with ordinary historical documents, a citizen of Russia, as well as any non-citizen of Uzbekistan, needs the consulate of his country to petition the Foreign Ministry of Uzbekistan.”


  • The Main Archival Administration under the Cabinet of Ministers of Turkmenistan.
    Ave. Makhtumkuli, 88, Ashkhabat, 744000
    +993 (12) 35-36-09; +993 (12) 35-66-94, fax: +993 (12) 39-11-78
    Head: Gulyalek Khanberdieva.


  • The Main Archival Directorate under the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan.
    Address: st. Negmat-Karabaev, 38/1, Dushanbe, 734038
    tel: +992 (372) 33-95-71
    e-mail: [email protected]
    tel: (992-37) 233-95-71, 233-63-52
    e-mail: [email protected]
    Unites: Central State Archive of the Republic of Tatarstan; State Archive of Film and Photo Documents of the Republic of Tatarstan; State archive of the Sughd region in the city of Khujand; State archive of Khatlon region in the city of Kurgan-Tyube; State Archives of GBAO in Khorog.
  • Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Tajikistan.
    734025, RT, Dushanbe, 34 Rudaki Ave.
    tel: (992-37) 221-03-05, 221-53-70,
    fax: 221-53-07
  • Article “Creation and development of the central state archive of the Republic of Tajikistan – the most important center for the storage of historical sources”
    Author – Z.I. Akramov Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor of the Department of Russian History
    Russian-Tajik (Slavic) University
    St. M. Tursunzade 30, 734025 Dushanbe, Republic of Tajikistan
    Tel: (+992 37) 227 76 93
    [email protected]


  • – National Archives of Latvia. I heard there almost all of the documents are already scanned and laid out.
  • – The site of the Latvian archives in Russian.
  • – Genealogy search engine data in Russian.

Presented: metric books, marriage searches, revision tales, materials of the 1897 All-Russian Census.


There is also a pdf and word link to the archive request form (requests are accepted in Russian and English)
(prices here:

The request can be sent electronically (not by letter, but by an attached file) to the mail: [email protected] (ask in the request to send an invoice by email). The answer is sent by simple mail, about a month later, and the answers are sent abroad.
Address: Gerosios Vilties g. 10, 03134 Vilnius, tel. +37052137482


  • – SAAGA site – databases on genealogy. Registration is required to gain access.
    The databases include: metric books, revision tales, lists of residents, lists of recruits, documents of rural districts and other information.

Archives of other countries

  • – Detailed telephone directory of archives (there are links to web sites) created in Ukraine.
    Digitized very large volumes of archives of Estonia and Latvia.


Good luck in finding.