Genealogy programs

After all the questions and questioning close relatives about your ancestors, you most likely have accumulated a lot of information. What to do with it? How to write and structure it? This will help you genealogical programs and services.


This program is free and this is its big plus. It has an official page where you can download the file for installation under your computer.

The program is suitable for both professional and novice. You can print the tree. Simple settings. There is an automatic save. The program offers 25 types of reports. Russified.

“Geno pro”

The program is a simple but very powerful system for entering genealogical information. It can save any number of photos. Print the tree and build a tree of any complexity. The program gives more freedom of action in building a family history.


Russian program as “Geno Pro”. It has a rich genealogical filling. These are censuses, city directories, address books, etc. until the end of the XIX century and Dale. Works online as a family social network.

“My heritage”

Developer Israel, similar to “FamilySpace”. You can build a family tree on the site or download the “Femily Tree Builder” application. You can build a pedigree, upload photos. But you can not enter the middle name and not always correct download. Also functions as a family social network.

“Древо жизни”

The program is very simple, also Russian developers. Convenient to input a large number of people, photos, documents. To the tree, you can make a pedigree list, see the basic statistics. The disadvantage is that the free version works 15 days and you can enter only 40 relatives. After the program can only be used to read information. Edit and add nothing.

Good luck in finding.