Genealogy research methods

In genealogical research, it is very important to be guided by certain methods.

Genealogy research methods

  • Historical.
  • Biographical.
  • Informational.
  • Conversation.
  • A survey of older generations of the family.
  • Analysis of the data collected.

The historical method involves the knowledge of a specific history of the kind of its spiritual values, dynamics and contradictions of development (you need to separate the facts, historical data about the kind from mythologization, legends), but they should not be overlooked.

The biographical method is connected with the historical one, for example, historical research of the genus allows you to design a person’s life path, to track a person’s movement around the world depending on historical events.

The information method to a certain extent specifies the biographical (biographical methods are used, in particular interviews, questionnaires, tests; memories of relatives and close people, the collection of documentary data.

Conversation is a method of collecting the necessary information on a specially designed program in the process of verbal communication. During the conversation, you can identify new facts and data that could previously be missed.

Survey of older generations of the family – associated with the method of conversation. In an informal setting, with the help of a pre-compiled questionnaire, you can find out and clarify information.

Analysis of the collected data – is associated with a combination of information, systematization of documents, compiled genealogy tables and murals.

As you can see, all methods are inextricably linked and if you use them together, you can go much further in your searches.

Good luck in finding.