Genealogy. What is it for?

Any person who at least once encountered genealogy posed the question, but why is it needed?
At the moment, there are two opposing views, for which a person needs genealogical research. In this article, we will consider these two views and get acquainted with the most prominent representatives of these opinions.

You can turn to the thoughts of the hero Carlos Castaneda, don Juan, who argued that people do not need knowledge about their ancestors, knowledge about their ancestors enslaves a person.
The knowledge of people about where they came from one way or another leaves them with a trace of what they can and what they cannot, and thus enslaves him.

Eviatar Zerubavel, an Israeli and American sociologist, author of works on the sociology of knowledge, works on rationalizing and standardizing time in everyday life, the role of standards in cognition and communication, makes in his book “Ancestors and Relatives” makes us think how much we are skeptical about genealogy.
It is natural for human nature to compare oneself with whoever he wants.
More often than not, in a genealogical study, a person clings to the ancestor who is more interested in him, for example, his great-grandfather, who has driven himself out of the peasants into merchants. And the other great-grandfather who was the killer does not interest him, he cannot identify himself with him. And of course, a person considers in his family only positive moments in the life of ancestors. Especially if they were nobles or wealthy people.

But there is another opinion opposite to this.

Ann Anselin Shutzenberger – French psychologist, doctor of psychological sciences, professor, founder of the International Association of Group Psychotherapy claims: that genealogy must be studied in order to understand your own destiny, to understand your own life. Understand and get rid of fears that torment a person, tune in to success, etc.

So let’s see if the ancestors still have an impact on our lives?

Of course they have, because in the life of ancestors there are turning points that, centuries later, are reflected in us as carriers of genetic information and thus affect our lives. Predisposition to diseases, failures, accidents, entrepreneurship, as well as inheritance: blood groups, genetic diseases, appearance, etc.

Summing up the information, we can say that by studying genealogy and our kind we can correct our fate and our life based on the knowledge obtained as a result of a genealogical study or simply collecting information about relatives. To give birth to healthy children, develop abilities and talents, work on their own shortcomings, prosper and grow rich.

Good luck in finding.