If you began to think about where your gender comes from. What does your last name mean? Who were your ancestors by profession? And in general, you have felt the desire to identify yourself. Then quickly call relatives, run to the grandparents and ask them about everything.

Where to begin?

Write down everything you know

Let it be the stories you heard in childhood. Let it wake up information and information that has been discussed in the family many times. Let it be your memories.

Ask parents and other relatives

Ask loved ones about their families, great-grandmothers and great-grandfathers. Where they were born, lived, what were their names, how many children were in their families. Maiden names are important too. Specify the information, at the same time some interesting facts always come up.

Browse through albums with old photos

Old or even old photos of your ancestors or old photos of unknown people are sure to be in the bins of family albums. Show these photos to relatives, someone will surely remember something.

Last name, First name

And may the great Google help you. There are a lot of websites on the Internet that will tell you about the meaning and origin of your last name. How and when and under what circumstances your surname was produced, in what year it first appeared in the documents, which means. Name and patronymic will help a lot, because if you know the name of your great-grandfather by name and patronymic then you know what your great-great-grandfather’s name is.


If your ancestors were repressed, then on the Internet there are a lot of references to Books of Memory, which are compiled by region, surnames are arranged in alphabetical order. From them it is possible to find out personal data from the materials of criminal cases, according to which article were convicted, and by how much when they were rehabilitated.

Family tree

Make a tree of your family. What is the most distant ancestor of his last name you know? Start with it, children, grandchildren, grandchildren, and one of the branches will lead to you.

Good luck in finding.