Geography of ancestors

To make your genealogy book even more interesting and complete, you need to add the birth places of your ancestors to it. Maybe for some people this section for the genealogy book seems not so important and does not want to conduct such a study, I can assure you you will miss a lot. If you add the geography of the birth of ancestors, your book will become more complete and interesting.

What is the geography of the birth of ancestors? To make your genealogy research interesting and exciting in this thread:

  • Find a wall map of the USSR or any other map of the country where your ancestors lived.
  • Make supplies of stationery, namely: multi-colored stationery buttons, clips to mark settlements on your map.
  • Threads to join the points you marked for the full picture.
  • Notebook where you will write down information about the most populated locality or region.

Genealogical research of the birthplace of ancestors is an important component in genealogical search. When I worked on my search for ancestors, I had a question of where they came from, from which regions, where were they born? And how their family families united, intertwined. I learned about such places that I could not even think that my ancestors were born and lived there, my geographical map of places of birth turned out to be impressive. I was lucky to get old maps of the area of ​​those times in which my great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers were born and lived. It is important to know what kind of land your kind comes from, what kind of land it is, what this or that land has suffered. What he gave to man, how he formed and tempered character.

In your genealogy book you can indicate the name of the village in which your ancestors were born. When this area was created and settled and how old is it. By studying the history of the area, you can find out how and why your ancestors were there, settled and took root.

The geography section of the birth of your ancestors will be a wonderful addition and will decorate your genealogy book. You can also place photographs of the area in it, both modern and old, as a comparison, supplement the section with maps, historical chronicles, photographs of the church, monuments.

Good luck in finding.