How much does a pedigree cost and how is its price formed

The price of a pedigree depends on several factors that range from 0 to infinity. We will divide the process of restoring family history and disclosing the origin of the family name into two conditional types that affect both the time and financial costs of the researcher:

  • Free pedigree based on an independent search for family ancestors.
  • Genealogical research of the genus and purchase or publication of a book (from 5,000 rubles; in Ukraine from 2,000 hryvnias).

There are two types of compilation from which the final cost of the pedigree changes:

  • Designing information by structuring existing data
  • Recreating the history of the genus by searching for archival documents.

To begin with, we’ll deal with the free option and refute the myth that a serious study may cost nothing. How not to spend a dime? Call and ask relatives, write down new facts on a piece of paper or on a computer – and here you have a free pedigree (we equate the cost of communications to zero). Unfortunately, such a family book will not be filled with information about generations, for example, from the 18th century. You can do an archival search yourself, but it will take time, and time will take money. In addition, if the state archive is located in another city, there will be expenses for a business trip, and the price of the pedigree will increase significantly.

The cost of the family tree and the price of proper compilation

Now we will understand the nuances of paid genealogical research.

How much does a family pedigree cost if you turn to genealogy specialists for help? There is no definite answer, the cost is formed depending on what kind of genealogical services you choose, as well as on the volume and complexity of the search for ancestors. We single out the main factors on which the cost of compiling a family tree depends:

Depth search for gender information

Genealogical research consists in collecting documents in the archives of the place of residence of the clan. You can study family history for 5, 10 or more generations back centuries, making the content of the genealogy book informative. Accordingly, the more people you need to determine, the longer it will turn out, and the more expensive the total cost of the pedigree will come out. At the same time, the history of the family is restored based on the budget of the customer and the safety of documents in the city or village.

Geography of the study

The geography of research should be understood as the city where the search will be carried out. The lowest pedigree price will be obtained if the family has lived in one village for a long time. That is, under such conditions there is no need to move from the archive of one city to another, and travel expenses will be minimal.

Archived fact finding direction

By the direction of the family search is meant the branches of the genus, which are planned to be studied. It is generally accepted that a person has four main lines – along the grandparents on the part of the father and mother. There is no point in describing the details, since pricing is logical, each branch of the family increases the price of the pedigree (search costs), depending on the factors mentioned earlier.

Family genealogy cover type

If you order a paid service, then in the course of its implementation a genealogical report must be compiled. The correct genealogy report consists of a list of verified funds (archived book numbers for a specific date) and other research details.

The content of the genealogy book can consist not only of the specific documents and facts of the investigated genus found, but also of the decoding of the names, surnames, geographical names, descriptions of the ancestors’ places of residence, the complete restoration of their lifestyle, childhood, youth, study, interests, home, estate, life, work, leisure, holidays and trips. Of course, such individualization and exclusivity of the content will affect the value of the family tree or family name.

Also, a generational list of all established members of the genus, a numbered list, indicating the name, patronymic, last name, dates and places of birth, marriage, death, children, degree of relationship in relation to the ancestor or main descendant can be entered in the book. At the request of the customer, the family tree of the studied surname is also entered into the content: from the founder of the genus to the present day. It will not be superfluous to place a section explaining the genealogical terms so that the book becomes accessible to all ages.

Good luck in finding.