How often to update information for your family history

So you already seem to have collected a whole folder on your family history, where portrait photographs, group photographs, and information obtained by you from the archives are stored. Your extracts from the Internet, historical reports. Records of family stories made by you. You drew a family tree, compiled generational paintings by birth. Everything seems to be fine, the folder turned out to be larger and thicker. But as always in our genealogy business there is not enough data, you did not find something, you lost sight of something. Somewhere on your genealogy scheme there is no great-grandfather’s name, the dates of life and death are unknown, and if you look even more closely, many questions have remained unanswered.

You need to understand that time in genealogical search plays a very important role. This is not to say that you need to hurry in this matter, but you also cannot hesitate, because a lot depends on people, and the documents deteriorate and become worthless.

So what to do, how often to update information in your genealogy search

From my own experience I will say that it took me four years of monitoring and updating information, as well as patience and expectations, for my genealogical search. But for the information that I found was invaluable to me.

Time does not stand still, progress infiltrates our lives every second, archival documents are digitized, entire archives are uploaded to the Internet, search groups find people and restore the names of the dead, missing, tortured in camps and exiles during the Second World War and Stalinist repressions. Information is constantly updated and you must constantly update it at home.

An ideal option for updating information in your genealogy search is to set a time span of six months. If your family history is not completely written, make it a rule to monitor information on the Internet every six months. After all, more and more often documents that were not available are removed by the vulture of secrecy and they get into the network.

Of course, you decide how often to monitor the information, every month, every six months or in general once a year. It just needs to be updated to find answers to the questions that you have set for yourself. The time period is absolutely unimportant, your interest is important. If you decide to update it – update, and how often you will do it is up to you.

I update the information once every half a year, and sometimes according to my mood, and once my mood helped me, I found completely personal data on my great-great-grandfather. Joy knew no bounds. In order to get this data, I would have to go to another country and not the fact that I would be given it. And here is such luck. The archives were digitized and uploaded to the network, it was enough only to write in the search engine name, surname and patronymic.

Good luck in finding.