Ideas for decorating a family tree

At present, compiling the family tree is considered a fashionable trend – all over the world today people began to actively find out the origin of their ancestors.

Family family tree should be understood as a schematic representation of family ties in the form of a conditional tree. At the “roots” of the tree the ancestor will be indicated, on the “trunk” there will be representatives of the main line of the genus. “Branches” are representatives of various lines of genealogy, and “leaves” are famous descendants.

Let’s get a little creative.

Idea №1

The family tree pictured on the wall

You can depict the tree itself using stencils or ready-made wall stickers in the shape of a tree, and photographs of relatives are attached on top of it. The design uses contrasting colors. This kind of tree will be a worthy decoration of your room!

Idea №2

Family tree built using the special program “Family Tree Builder”

The functionality of this program is quite high, and building a family tree is not difficult. The free “Family Tree Builder” application provides the opportunity not only to build a family tree, but also to search for your relatives by comparing family trees of other participants in a global project. By launching the program for the first time, it will give advice on the formation of a new project of the family tree – this will provide a quick introduction to the program and its development.

Idea №3

Ancestral tree on a poster

Before you start creating a family tree, you need to decide on the information that will be entered in the pedigree. The content of the entries and the shape of the tree may vary. The minimum set of information should include the family name and first name of the relative, his date of birth and date of death.

You can choose the right tree decoration option on the Internet – there you can find many beautifully designed variants of family trees. After the shape of the tree is selected, you need to pick up photographs. They should be of high quality, the same in size and combined in style. In order not to spoil the original pictures, they can be added to a computer and printed in the form of squares or circles. After selecting photos, they need to be pasted onto the prepared tree in the appropriate places. Plates with important information about a relative should be pasted under the photographs.

Idea №4

Family tree photo frame

All that remains is to pick up and place photographs of relatives and friends in the finished family tree. This kind of ancestral tree will be a great gift for a birthday, anniversary or wedding day.

Good luck in finding.