Links on genealogy No. 3

Sites of Russian archives, electronic archives in libraries, genealogical communities, forums

Sites of archives of Russia

Many archives digitize and upload documents. Among such record holders are archives of the Perm Territory and the Saratov Region, and the Central State Archive of St. Petersburg has uploaded digital metric books on its website that can be viewed for very little money.

  • – This is the most important link in this section – here is a list of all archive sites in Russian regions.
  • – Site of the Federal Archival Agency (the agency keeps track of the entire Archival Fund of Russia and provides public services in the field of archiving).
  • – Request to the Federal Archival Service of the Russian Federation.
  • – Portal archives of Russia (data on most federal, regional and local archives of Russia, you can find contact information, links to sites of archives you are interested in).
  • – RGIA Russian State Historical Archive.
  • – Archival Committee of St. Petersburg.
  • – Coordinates of the federal archives of the Russian Federation.
  • – Coordinates of the regional archives of the Russian Federation.
  • – Archive of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation (Main wealth of the Central Asian Defense Ministry – documents of the period of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945 (about 9 million cases).

Electronic archives in libraries

You can also find many useful historical documents for genealogy searches on government library sites. Electronic catalogs of library collections and even entire digital libraries containing rare and valuable books in text or scanned form:

The State Public Historical Library in Moscow (GPIB) has launched the release of the “GPIB Electronic Reserve”.

The VIRD Publishing House in St. Petersburg launched the Electronic Genealogy Library series.

  • – Digital Library of the Russian State Library.
  • – The GPIB Russia electronic library is a collection of documents and materials on domestic and world history. It contains publications on genealogy and heraldry, the history of military affairs, sources on the history, ethnography and geography of Russia. This is an open electronic library created on the basis of digitized funds of the State Public Historical Library of Russia.
  • – State Public Historical Library (GPIB).
  • – Catalog of the State Public Library.
  • – Russian National Library (NLR).
  • – Russian State Library.
  • – BAN Academy of Sciences Library.
  • – Central City Public Library named after V.V. Mayakovsky (St. Petersburg).
  • – General Catalog of the National Library of Russia.
  • – Vologda Regional Library.
  • – Digital Library of the History Department of Moscow State University M.V. Lomonosov.
  • – Google Books.
  • – Digital Genealogy Library.
  • – Russian Biographical Dictionary.
  • – Brockhaus and Efron Encyclopedic Dictionary.

Electronic versions of archival documents on different sites

Resources created by genealogical and historical-pedigree societies, archives, libraries, local history organizations, volunteers.

  • – Ancient photographs from private collections, a collection of photographers before the revolution on a geographical basis.
  • – The most visited in Russia is the “All-Russian Genealogical Tree (IOP)”. This is an ever-growing genealogical base where visitors can add information themselves, that is, in essence, this is a “folk project” in the field of genealogy. With the help of IOP, you can find lost relatives, friends and acquaintances, create clubs of namesakes and explore your own pedigree. The site contains the following main sections: a genealogical dictionary, tips for beginners, a genealogical forum (the largest section with a large set of topics on the search method, for various historical eras and geographical regions, with announcements about the search for relatives and namesakes), a genealogical knowledge base (lists people alphabetically, geographical index, chronology of events), the genealogy of celebrities, paid services (making noble emblems, restoration of photographs, etc.) and a shop.
  • – Petersburg genealogy portal (Petergen) informs about the genealogy life of St. Petersburg, the activities and publications of the Russian Genealogical Society, the content of the magazines Izvestia RGO, Genealogical Bulletin, From the Depth of Time, and the editions of the Noble Calendar, St. Petersburg Noble Genealogy Book. Electronic versions of many of them can be downloaded from the portal. The sources and methods of genealogy, genealogies, a huge prosopographic collection (more than 1000 lists of people), including the clergy of Russia, unique databases “Petersburg People’s Necropolis”, “Herbowners of the Russian Empire”, “Alphabet of the noble families of the Russian Empire”, “Lists are presented nobles in the provinces of the Russian Empire”, “Residents of Petrograd 1917”, “House Books of St. Petersburg” and many others. A genealogy reference service was organized (search for a surname in books) and distance consultations. There is an electronic library, a bulletin board and an online store of literature, CDs and programs. Petergen also includes several family and personal sites. New services and programs for working with visitors are constantly being opened.
  • – Genealogy of RU.
  • – Genealogy.
  • – Roots.
  • – A lot of scanned archival documents, both free and and paid.
  • – “Ancestors” – has a large amount of genealogical information not only in the United States, (although it is primarily for them), but also in a number of European countries. The site is not Russified and works only in English, the search is also carried out in Latin, if you find something and see only names, to see it you have to pay, and it’s very expensive.
  • – A huge and free site with scanned databases of those who entered the USA through the main “reception point” – Ellis Island. A common misconception is that people ended up in the USA and through OTHER checkpoints that are not represented on this site.
  • – Good side: a lot of material is available for free, for example, almost entire National Archives of Moldova, Russian-language interface. The bad side: completely the bases are available only in the Family History Centers of the Mormon Church, where the entrance is closed to you, however, it is not the Mormons who are to blame.
  • – Where to search for metric books. It is gratifying to see such a wonderful initiative in the study of genealogy: the IOP user Dmitry Kudinov systematizes data on the storage of metric books in Russian regions: “This site is the first global attempt to put together and organize all the information about the metric books of Orthodox churches in the archives of Russia and the near abroad.” Dmitry will be happy with any additions and wishes on the IOP forum:
  • – A very useful genealogy site.
  • – Various digitized documents.
  • – Digitized documents on topics: Excerpts from metric books, Genealogy of the Old Believers, Ascribed peasants of Altai factories, Entrepreneurs of Altai 1861-1917, Immigrants to Altai district, Officials of Altai (1747-1917), Mountain battalion, Siberian Cossack army.

Genealogy communities

Genealogy message boards and forums

Bulletin boards and forums in some cases are independent resources, in others they are included in certain sites or portals.


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