Nationality documents. What to look for at home

Nationalization is one of the most popular and relevant issues for those who are looking for a better life, want to improve their financial condition or just want to be closer to their relatives.
Reasons may be enough to start your search for nationality.
A lot of sites offer their services in finding the nationality of their ancestors and restoring documents that can provide certain privileges to their owners.
Most often, documents of Polish and Jewish nationalities are restored, since Poland and Israel provide an opportunity for ethnic Poles and Jews to return to their homeland, that is, residence and citizenship.
When writing the article, the question arose about the very concept of nationality and it turned out that the concept of “nationality” in different countries is defined differently. And this is a very interesting topic.

What can be done at the first stage of the search for the nationality of the ancestors?

What documents of the home archive should be reviewed before coming to specialists in searching for documents in the archives?

Which documents contain information about nationality and which documents should be checked first

  • Birth, marriage, and death certificates.
  • Originals and restored documents, sometimes families may even have passports.
  • Military tickets.
  • Various inquiries (for example, about rehabilitation), etc.
  • Documents of your grandparents can be stored, for example, with their children or grandchildren, sisters, brothers.

Therefore, it is worth asking about and, if possible, reviewing the archives of old documents of your relatives. Such documents need to be found in your family.
If you have not found documents, but are sure that there are facts about belonging to one or another nationality, you can contact the national or state archives of the country that interests you.

As well as commercial organizations involved in the restoration of nationality and the search for documents for a fee, will help you with this.

Good luck in finding.