If you are seriously interested in the origin of your surname, then sooner or later you will have to turn to such an interesting book as Onomastikon by Veselovsky, which contains names, nicknames and surnames. This kind of reference book was started in 1930 and contains 7,500 names and nicknames extracted from a mass of sources from the 16-17th century. at. Compiled before the 1940s.

In “Onomasticon” it is said that this “directory – dictionary, manual, which lists many hundreds of surnames, nicknames, names – from princes, boyars, noblemen to farmers, plowers and artisans, warriors and merchants.” In Onomasticon, a natural part of the 15-17th century was taken into account. at. tens of thousands of nicknames. Veselovsky pointed out the names and nicknames of service people and a small number of names of the Russian nobility. We can say that the author still showed his subjective opinion and attitude to the choice of names and their entry in the directory. Although most of the collected materials Veselovsky was not included in “Onomasticon” and was not printed anywhere else. So it remained a collection of private archives.


Using “Onomastikon” you need to keep in mind that it was created as a reference book on anthroponymics, and not on genealogy. The dates following the names do not have to coincide with the date of the first mention of the names themselves in the sources. The discrepancies sometimes reach 100-150 years.

But still “Onomasticon” is unique; over the years since its creation, fresh sources have been introduced into scientific circulation and new research has been published. Use on health. You will not regret.

Good luck in finding.