Pedigree book. What is it

This method will allow you to save, arrange, fill up information to compile their pedigree.

With enough information and archival data, as well as photos, you can create your own genealogical book yourself.

Electronic option

All materials from scanned: photos, metrics, recruited interesting incredible family stories. Also, there are so many applications that will help to aesthetically design your photos using a variety of frames. Also, all this can be arranged in one of the genealogical programs, or issued in a text editor and optionally printed.

Paper book

You can make a book with your own hands. Print the electronic version of the materials you scanned and put in the folder. You can also create a book yourself and arrange it by pasting photos and describing family stories manually.

Printed edition

You can also order a book in a private printing house where they provide services for creating genealogical books. This can be done either in our country or by ordering a printed book abroad. You send or submit structured materials and photos collected by you, and the printing house sends you a beautiful glossy printed book about your family history.

Pedigree book. What is it

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