Pedigree. What to do

Pedigree – is information about the origin of the genus or family, which can be represented in various forms. The meaning of this word is mainly used in the context of a speech about the human genealogy, but it can also be used in other areas, for example, in animal husbandry or gardening.

The family tree used to be a real pride, especially if it featured historically important persons. However, today few people can remember who were ancestors older than grandfathers and great-grandfathers; often, in order to find out one’s family tree, one does not have to turn to one’s own memory, or even not to one’s parents, but to various archives and databases.

Why do you need a family tree

A family tree is optional, such as a passport or certificate of education. Therefore, in most cases, the study of history is sort of done for the sake of interest. Indeed, in the process of compiling the genealogy, you can learn a lot of new things about where your surname comes from, which of your ancestors was a famous person, to which estate your genus originally belonged, as well as other interesting information. Since the pedigree of a person can contain a variety of information, including health information, it can serve as a good help in identifying and treating diseases that can be inherited. Knowledge of heritable traits will help to be more aware of one’s own health.

Family genealogy in Russia was no less important for ordinary people than for representatives of the ruling family. Knowledge of their ancestors was part of important traditions, many of which are directly related to genealogy. For example, it is a tradition to pass from generation to generation memorabilia (caskets, jewelry, outfits, etc.), which even before the appearance of cameras were a kind of material evidence of ancestors. When it became possible to capture their relatives in photographs, family photo albums, which are still kept in many Russian families, became popular. Another custom is the so-called family names, or the tradition of naming children in honor of one of the representatives of the genus. Assigning a patronymic also refers to traditions of a genealogical nature, since receiving a patronymic at birth clearly indicates the relationship between father and son, and also makes it possible to distinguish a person from his namesake. In addition, to name a person by patronymic means to show respect and respect. If the previous traditions are still relevant, then professional dynasties, that is, families in which from generation to generation all representatives of the clan were engaged in the same thing, are a thing of the past.

Pedigree documents

Any documents that belong to a certain person, by themselves, are a source of genealogical information, therefore, the study of existing family documents is an obligatory step in compiling a family genealogy. These can be such pedigree documents as birth and marriage certificates, certificates, divorce certificates, death certificates, passport and work book, military ID, as well as all kinds of letters, certificates and other documents. In order to better systematize pedigree documents, it is recommended to take a photocopy of each of them, and then select a separate envelope for copies of documents related to the same person. These envelopes will be divided into two folders, one of which will send information about paternal relatives, and the other will send envelopes with copies of documents of the mother’s relatives. In the future, as new information is found, these folders will be replenished with new information, so that the pedigree of a person will become more and more detailed.

Analysis of a person’s pedigree

The analysis of the human pedigree is one of the methods of genetic research, which allows you to determine the hereditary nature of certain characters and to identify the likelihood of such a sign in subsequent generations. This method is often used to conduct genetic counseling for individuals for whom a so-called genealogy table is compiled. Since accurate information is necessary for a full analysis of the pedigree, tables are compiled according to certain rules. A person who needs an analysis of the pedigree is indicated on the table by an arrow and is called “proband”. Each generation should be placed on a separate line, while the male representatives are indicated by squares, and female circles. Symbols of an inherited trait (one or several) may vary depending on the purpose of the study.

Family genealogy archive

If global pedigree databases and archives contain a huge amount of data, then the family pedigree archive is a much smaller unit. Such archives contain a variety of memorabilia, which may include:

  • Photo albums. Not so long ago, a family photo album, passed down from generation to generation, was an integral part of the history of most families. Often in such photo albums one could meet all the significant events of the genus for several generations.
  • Documents. Careful attitude to the documents of the family archive is an opportunity to more accurately build the family tree. Various heirlooms. Family jewelry can be considered a classic component of family archives, passed down from generation to generation. Often such things have more value in the quality of memory, while its material value is quite small. However, expensive jewelry can also be inherited – as are the stories associated with them. Today, not every family has a family genealogy archive, since many today simply don’t accept keeping old documents and things. However, for those who are interested in their own origin, such archives can give a fairly large amount of data.

Family tree by last name today

A family tree by last name is a frequent search direction, since it is the last name that indicates the origin of a person from a certain genus. If you look at the results of an Internet search, at first glance it might seem that drawing up a family tree by last name is as simple as using one of the many online services that simply offer to enter the desired last name and get the result. A real family tree by name is usually compiled on the basis of a study of archival data, documents and other information that can confirm or deny certain facts related to the history of the family.

Compilation of a pedigree for a modern person is not at all strictly mandatory, as, for example, the presence of a passport or medical policy. However, compiling a pedigree is a procedure that is fascinating in itself, especially for those who need to know their own origin. In addition, during the genealogical study, interesting facts may be revealed, and a fully composed family tree will become the pride of the whole family, living people and their descendants.

Good luck in finding.