Search for ancestors by last name

Once you thought about your origin and about who and who your ancestors were. Do-it-yourself searches in the home archives yielded no results. You know little, but by and large there is almost no information.

Then the Internet will help you. Knowing the name of your ancestor, you can find information about him.

There are many resources on the Internet that will help you and we will get to know them now.

“Google Books” will help you find scans of thousands of books and reference books. Hundreds of digitized editions of the pre-Soviet era cannot be found by ordinary search engines. And with the help of this site you can simply drive the last name and first name into the search bar and accidentally stumble upon the mention of relatives.

  • “” is an international service that will allow you to search by countless archival lists, metric records, revision tales, burial lists. The site is paid, but there are also options for which you do not need to pay. With it, you can, like finding your ancestors, simulate an approximate layout of your own tree based on data on their pedigree.
  • “ОБД Мемориал”. Almost a starting service for those who know very little about their roots and strive to understand how to find your family by name. Memorial is a service that helps you get information about missing, killed or captured soldiers from the Great Patriotic War. For almost all military personnel, the place of birth and year are written. This greatly facilitates the search. If you know that your great-great-grandfather died in the war, but from which village he was and where you do not know where to look for data about him, this resource can become a real storehouse of information. Often the lists indicate not only the name of the soldier and his place of birth, but also the names of his family members who were informed of the death of a soldier. This is not only a name, but also a note about who accounts for the person who died. Thus, you will not only recognize the birthplace of your relative, but also the names of his mother, father or wife. This service is also useful for owners of rare surnames. Through the search, you can see the distribution area and find out where its carriers were born and lived. Quite often it turns out that almost all namesakes lived in the same area or even in one small village.
  • An important tool in finding information about ancestors on the Internet will be the site of “Всероссийского генеалогического древа”. There you can find a whole database, and a great forum of participants who share their root search stories, and can also give valuable advice and suggest in which direction to “dig” further.
  • You can search more specifically and specifically. If you want to know about the fate of your relative who died during the First or Second World War, we recommend that you refer to the resources “Памяти героев Великой Войны 1914–1918” and “Память народа”. If you are looking for information about a relative whom you could repress, pay attention to the “Личное дело каждого” websites and the “Последний адрес” project.
  • A somewhat specific, but also extremely useful resource for those who are interested in how to find a biography of their ancestors is the site “”. It is a collection of documents prepared by American Mormons. You can search for digitized documents from around the world, including Russia and Ukraine. However, data cannot be viewed by Mormons. You can get permission if you make an official request to the administration of the resource.

You can also contact the registry offices and archives, if you have documents that indicate your kinship, you can also just find the name of your ancestors and relative.

Good luck in finding.