Surname and its origin

Have you thought about what your last name means? Then read on. After all, the surname, name, and patronymic influence the fate of a person, like his birth date.

When a person is born a name, he receives at birth, and he already receives the name in inheritance. The word “Familia” itself is of Roman origin. In ancient Rome, so called associations of people and formations in certain group communities. They also called a group of people whose community included people belonging to a rich and respected class, as well as their slaves.

Families have received wide distribution since the end of the 18th century.

How to find out the origin of his name? To begin with, let’s see how the ancestor’s nicknames were formed in Ancient Russia. Nicknames and led to the origin of the names.

  1. Begin to form in the 12-13th century. The names of the parents where the person was born, what they did were contained in the root part of the received word, which can be traced in the family ending “ich” or “ov”. For example: Petrovich, Popov…
  2. In the 14th and 15th centuries, surnames starting from nicknames begin to appear. Which are characterized by negative features of appearance or character. For example: Krivosheev, Netudykhata…
  3. Peasant families begin their education from the generic nicknames. For example: Lyubimov, Zhdanov…
  4. Surnames formed on behalf of the father are widespread. For example, the descendant of Vasily began to be called Vasiliev, the descendant of Peter — Petrov, the descendant of Sidor — Sidorov.

Names for families were assigned by a specific attribute:

  • by analogy with animals: Volkov, Medvedev;
  • by occupation: Stolyarov, Streltsov;
  • by place of residence: Sibiryak, Vinnitsa;
  • by the name of the ancestors: Fedotov, Ivanov;
  • by the name of religious holidays: Uspensky, Blagoveshchensky;
  • by household items: Shilov, Spitsyn;
  • by appearance: Nosov, Glazov;
  • by nationality: Tatarins, Ordincev.

And again we turn to Google. Just enter your last name with a value in the search box and here is a lot of information for you, read, analyze, compare, discover the secrets of your last name, This is very interesting, and above all simple.

Good luck in finding.