Top genealogy sites

Information on the Internet is not a bad alternative if you do not have the opportunity to visit the archives you are interested in, or the answers to your inquiries did not come to you. To date, quite a lot of digitized and submitted to the wide access of open documents from various archives of the countries of the former Union. Most sites help in accessing and searching for information on genealogical research.

“Подвиг народа”

This is a unique information resource of open access, which contains military archive documents about the main combat operations, exploits and awards of all soldiers of the Second World War.


Generalized data bank, which contains information about the participants of the dead and missing during the Second World War and in the postwar period.

“My Heritegy”

This is a family-oriented social network and genealogical site. Here you can create a family tree and your own website, share photos and videos, search for ancestors.

“Family search”

A database of church books around the world, the site is funded by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (Mormons), and is designed so that people can share information from family history.

“Жертвы политического террора в СССР”

Database of victims of political terror in the USSR.

“JPI – Poland”

Database of Polish Jews.

“База данных Эрик Амбургер”

Database of foreign citizens in the Russian Empire.


Genealogy site. Information about the history of Russia.

“Архивное дело”

It is intended for storage and publication of documents, as well as for providing reference and information services: it helps to compose requests, organizes the search for documents in archives. Genealogical services are paid.

“Сайт Оксаны Корневой”

Historian genealogist. Materials on the Urals, Stavropol Territory and the search for soldiers who died in the Second World War.

Most sites offer paid genealogy and family search services. Most of the content sites is advertising their own services. I hope the information will help you and with saves your time in your search.

Good luck in finding.