Until what century can you build your tree

Starting to engage in genealogical search for your family, you involuntarily wonder how far you can go in search of ancestors? How deep can you dig into the past. Until what century can you build your family tree? The main question is why do you want to bring the search to the very depths of centuries? What difference does it make how far your clan or clan goes? To date, there is no need to prove the antiquity of the genus. But some interest leads to do this and dig deeper and deeper.

Formally, in the XII century, the first document on private land ownership was recorded, this is the merchant deed of Anton Roman, but this does not mean that any pedigree can be brought to the XII century.

For different classes, these are different boundaries. For the peasant pedigree, you can reach the 1600s without any problems if you are lucky with the safety of revision tales. According to audit tales, statistics were compiled, which in turn was used to calculate taxes. As such, these documents have been stored in the archives for centuries. The main demand for them has been falling for the last 20 years in the genealogical direction.

From my own experience I will say that in my search for ancestors I reached the beginning of the 1800s. And it’s a chapel. How lucky you are is up to you. In the genealogy, everything does not happen stably and smoothly, somewhere is unlucky, and somewhere luck is just smiling. Let her smile at you too.

Good luck in finding.