Velvet book of noble birth

If in your genealogical searches you came across the noble origin of the clan, then the Velvet book of the noble clans is suitable for you. What is this source?

This is the genealogy book of the most distinguished noble and noble families of Russia. Compiled in 1687 in connection with the abolition of localism (1682) and after the termination of the compilation of discharge books.

The Sovereign Genealogy of 1555-1556, consisting mainly of the genealogical records of the Rurikovich and Gediminovichs (royal, princely, boyar births), as well as materials for the second half of the 16th-17th centuries from genealogical paintings submitted by representatives of these families in 1682, are included in the Velvet Book -1687 years. Despite numerous additions, not all the famous and oldest Russian families were included in the Velvet Book.

In 1787, “Velvet Book” was published by N.I. Novikov, entitled “The genealogy book of princes and nobles of Russian and migrants” and is a valuable document for genealogical research. If you are interested in noble families, then be sure to check out this book; your acquaintance with it will be very interesting and fascinating. The genealogy book, collected in the category under Tsar Fedor Alekseevich and supplemented over time.

Book structure

It lists the alphabetical list for those names from which the paintings were filed in the category, indicating where this or that genus came from, or left, or from which there is no news; also, what kind of genera came from, and how they got their names, and finally, under what numbers those genealogies are in the Bit Archive. The alphabetical list serves instead of a table of contents, which shows all the names contained in both parts of the book, the number of which is indicated up to 930.

The book is not read very easily, but as a source of genealogical search, it may well be suitable. Yes, and it’s difficult to call it a book, it is most likely a directory where you can browse, search, read and see. It all depends on your interest, the subject of your search and how interesting the story is to you. Indeed, most of these genera still exist and we can see their representatives from TV screens.

Study all the sources that are of interest to you, and don’t miss books like Velvet Book.

Good luck in finding.