When to stop searching

Have you ever wondered why you came to genealogy, and why you started doing genealogy searches? What brought you to this prompted and interested.

There can be many reasons. Some are drawn from childhood, others arise at a conscious age. But the beginning, the main reason that leads to engaging in genealogy, searching for ancestors and compiling one’s pedigree, does not entail the question of whether this process has a completed stage or what the final result wakes up.

Genealogy is a constant search into the depths of the past where the end of your search will be logical ellipsis.

Is your ancestral search process deadlocked? You found relatives and ancestors up to the fifth knee and there was a snag for one ancestor, there is no information wherever you look. What to do? Is this all and your fascinating journey into the depths of centuries where your ancestors lived ended?

There is no need to panic, because the genealogy is so beautiful that you can do it indefinitely. In your genealogy search, you should not forget and miss such a factor as time. You need to realize that time works for you, not against you, this is the most important thing. Here we observe just that unique case, when the waiting time can bring enormous and unexpected results. And also, deferred business does not wake you up. You will be able to do something else, knowing that you have postponed your search for a while.

Carrying out periodic monitoring of the information you need, do not forget that many archives, at the initial stage of collecting information to search for ancestors, are not available. But everything moves in front of and sooner or later the archives are digitized and get on the Internet. Then we can again turn to our research interest and continue the search.

If to summarize the above, we can distinguish several factors that will help us not to despair and not abandon our research in the absence of information or a dead end in our searches:

  • Waiting time.
  • Delayed business.
  • Monitoring information.
  • Digitization of archives.
  • Patience.

And finally: never stop searching. If you feel that your data is not complete and there are a lot of missed dates in your folder, unverified surnames and persons, be patient and zealous, always search, never stop searching. After all, completion is the most enjoyable search process, which will give you a genealogy book that you have beautifully created with the help of which you will create the history of your family and pass it on to future generations.

Never stop searching, whoever seeks will always find and will be rewarded with his find.

Good luck in finding.