Why is it important to know your gender before the 7th knee

No wonder the word “family” consists of two components: “Seven” and “I”. The tradition of knowing and honoring one’s ancestors was well known to previous generations and completely forgotten in our time. Seven generations of man are symbolized by his seven energy centers – chakras. Each generation forms certain aspects in our life. Let us fantasize and define what each generation is mentally responsible for and what kind of knowledge gives us.
The 1st generation is ourselves, our “I”, the Ego, as a reference point. Associated with the energy of the sun.
2nd generation – parents (two, i.e. a couple). Associated with the energy of the moon. They form our closest environment, emotional attitude to the world, health potential. It is also an opportunity for further adaptation, the ability to find one’s place in life.
3rd generation – grandparents (4 people). They give us perceptual abilities, intellectual abilities, talents, as well as sociability, communication skills.
4th generation – great-grandfathers and great-grandmothers (8 people). They shape love scenarios in our destiny, the ability to live in harmony, and also the level of material well-being.
5th generation – great-great-grandfathers and great-great-grandmothers (16 people). It gives us passionarity, will, desire and ability to win. The reverse side of the coin is aggressiveness.
6th generation – the grandfathers of our great-grandfathers (32 people). Reflects in our fate the connection with the traditions, teachings, principles that we adhere to in life. It also grants social exaltation.
7th generation – great-grandfathers of our great-grandfathers (64 people). It is this generation that points to rock, fatum, destiny in our destiny.
An interesting fact: external resemblance to parents – if the child is similar to his father, then he has a more rigid genetic connection with his ancestors, and if he looks more like a mother, then he is free from many problems of the genus, more independent in his choice.
6+4=10 -> 1+0=1 – Again the first generation. Thus, the circle of the genus of seven generations is closed.
You need to know your family tree not just for history, but in order to better orient yourself in the present and in the future, which is a direct reflection and continuation of the past.

Good luck in finding.