Why you need to study your genealogy

“Don’t forget to take a good name with you – it opens the way to immortality.”

Persian poet Firdousi

Modern people are increasingly beginning to study a kind of history, many have the question – why find out information about people who lived centuries before us? Why spend so much effort, time and resources searching?

As a rule, this question arises among those who have not yet begun the search. Since this process is incredibly exciting and the results of fruitful work bring great pleasure. What will the study of your own genealogy give.

Creating a harmonious healthy marriage

You need to know as much information as possible about the traditions that are in the family of the future bride or groom, about diseases and deviations of family members, which increase the likelihood of symptoms in the future (cancer, diabetes, mental disorders, suicides). The more information you have, the more right decision you can make. After all, get married not only with the groom / bride, but also with their families and all the baggage of generic information that they carry. And also, you need to be clearly aware of all your generic information to create a healthy marriage and the birth of healthy children.

Disease prevention

If there is a certain predisposition in the family, for example, to obesity, you need to take this factor into account and pay special attention to the food culture. This prudent approach can reduce the risks for you or your children in the future.

Professional definition of a person

If you follow in which particular professions the members of your family were successful, this will help to avoid mistakes when choosing a life path and better navigate. After all, it is logical that a person will better cope with that business, which a number of people had abilities for, thanks to which his birth became possible.

Nice present

If your relatives are interested in the genealogy of the family, you will not find a better gift for an anniversary or a wedding than a genealogical study drawn up in a family book, picture, or family poster.

Studying the history of the genus takes intra-family relations to a new level

Adds depth to the relationship, opens up new meanings, unites the family. If you want to see your family as one, study the pedigree.

Child’s interest in learning history through the story of his own family

Show that her ancestors were direct participants in historical processes. Then a personal relationship appears, the child identifies himself with his family, who lived in the distant past, and eagerly finds out other historical details.

Interest: and who, nevertheless, were my ancestors

Are there nobles, noblemen among them? Each person would be pleased to know that his distant relatives were wealthy and successful people. Therefore, the search for such information takes place.

Spiritual connection with the land of ancestors, family, clan, people

This connection exists beyond our will, however, when we are more aware of it, through the study of the history of the genus, it becomes for us an inexhaustible source of support, energy.

Psychological point of view, for working out birth programs

It is no secret that in our life we ​​often act in accordance with certain programs that were formed in the process of life or passed on to us from parents, and to parents, in turn, from their parents and so on. Strong birth programs affect areas of life such as relationships with husband / wife, parent-child relationships, attitude and ability to handle money. Often such programs affect our lives negatively. To get rid of their influence, it’s enough to find situations in the past kind that brought these programs into action, comprehend them and recognize the negative impact on real life.

The past has neither the right nor the guilty. It only explains the actions of people, and also shows the prospect of the future. To have additional chances to successfully equip the future, you need to delve into the past. The genealogy is needed to gather together information about their origin found during genealogical research and structure it.

Good luck in finding.