Mystery in genealogy

In the process of genealogical search, very many people are faced with phenomena and incredible coincidences that are difficult to give a logical explanation from the point of view of classical scientific thought.

So if you decide to do this kind of research, be prepared to meet the unknown.

All these phenomena can be divided into several categories

  • The coincidence of birth dates, deaths, marriages of ancestors and living people is one of the most common phenomena, and sometimes not only the date (for example) of the death of your great-grandmother and the birth of your child coincides, but also the day on which you learn about it a wonderful coincidence.
  • Mysterious dreams in which you see your long-dead ancestors, which can tell you the direction of your research, if it has reached a dead end, or vice versa warn you to stop searching.
  • The deja vu effect – can often occur when you visit the habitats of your long-dead ancestors. In this case, you will be absolutely sure that for the first time you are in this area or house.
  • The coincidence of the birthplace of the ancestors – it very often happens that your ancestors (for example, great-grandfather and great-grandmother) who met in a city other than their native one, where they studied or worked away from their native places, and who did not know anything about each other, after meeting they find out that they are from the same region, sometimes even a village. That is, there is some kind of connection “fraternity”, with the help of which people close in ethnicity find each other even in a large metropolis.


Good luck in finding.